Your Custom travels

A note from Eli

During a casual conversation with my friend, Laura Gingerich (Photography), we spoke about terrific places around the world that we have been.  Italy, but specifically the Amalfi Coast area is a place that we are both fond of so she asked, "Would it be possible for us to do a photography tour there?"

A month later, Dave, Laura, Jordan, and I spent a week in the Amalfi Coast and surrounding areas scouting out villas, restaurants, sites to see, and trekking trails for the tour.  Our familiarity with the area from previous personal travel and the aid of some first-class local guides enabled us to achieve all of our goals for the trip - resulting in what was an AMAZING photography adventure May 13-20, 2017!

I and the Your Cuba Travel team stood-up a new website for all destinations which are not Cuba, "Your Custom Travels".  In the past year we have developed and personally guided tours in the Amalfi Coast, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and we have Croatia, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Carnival again, plus two more Amalfi Coast tours planned!  

The "YCT"  team intends to continue to entertain the idea of hosting adventures anywhere around the world that our business partners and customer base has sincere interest in.  If you've got any ideas, please share them with us and we'll explore it!

Check out Your Custom Travels as well as the agency's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Channel and choose the excellently reviewed YCT team for your next travel adventure!