A note from Eli Arroyo

As a Cuban-American, I grew up in a family and city that instilled in me a deep sense of heritage.  Throughout my life, my family and friends who immigrated to the United States from Cuba, vividly shared their memories about the country they loved so deeply.  Growing up in Miami was a constant reminder of Cuba; the men smoking cigars and playing dominoes in tank tops, the food, the coffee, the music, and the dancing are all living testaments to the Cuban culture that has infused my life.

Early on, I developed an intense desire to experience Cuba firsthand.  Riding the wake of a changing political climate, in 2010 I booked a trip to the island and I fell head-over-heels in love with it.  After my experience in Cuba I knew that the land and the people that I met there were destined to be a part of my life.  Thus, I launched YOUR CUBA TRAVEL to share my passion with others.

"Cuba is stunningly beautiful, delicious, and mysterious."

You can read in the blog about what Cuba and the country’s people are like, but you must experience it first-hand.  In an interview before the Tampa Bay Ray’s baseball exhibition in Havana (March 22, 2016), the Ray’s starting pitcher Chris Archer said it best, “this trip has changed me forever.”  This is the effect that visiting Cuba had on my family and I, in addition to most other’s that I have taken there.  Are you ready to experience Cuba?


"You can travel to Cuba, so what are you waiting for? Discover your Cuba!"