Your Cuba Travel is a Cuban-American owned travel agency that coordinates and facilitates travel to Cuba. 


All of the travel staff is fluent in English and Spanish and we also have fluent French and Portuguese speakers.  Your Cuba Travel holds a license that allows Americans to visit Cuba for educational pursuits and people-to-people interaction.  Americans who visit Cuba through our agency are not required to obtain individual clearance through the U.S. Department of Treasury of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC); your trip is legally covered through the license that our travel agency holds.  Our in-country staff of Cuban locals provides an unforgettable first-person perspective of life in Cuba as you enjoy the history, cuisine, and sights of the island.

In addition to our pre-planned tours, Your Cuba Travel can work with you for custom itineraries and pursuits as long as the bases of the OFAC requirements are met.  Let us know what your vision is!

Travel authorized by license through the Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which authorizes registered guests of our programs to legally travel to Cuba, to participate and engage in a full time schedule of authorized exchange activities in Cuba, which will involve meaningful interaction between travelers and people in Cuba.

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Your Cuba Travel Staff
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