Cuba Yoga Holiday Retreat

Why Cuba?

I have been asked this question numerous times since announcing that my first Yoga Retreat destination will be Cuba. After completing my first Yoga Teacher Training, I came to many realizations about myself, life, and my purpose in this life.

One thing that was made very clear is how short life really is and how to live in the moment and appreciate every single thing you are blessed with, from the air I breathe to the food I eat to the roof over my head. These things sound like a no brainer to be grateful for but like most, the reality is that we tend to get caught up in the rat race and material world and fail to realize that we already have every single thing that we possibly need in our life. 

I live in LA and most of my family is on the East Coast. I speak to my grandparents daily and as I listen to their voice on our many calls, I hear and know in my heart that I won't have them around for much longer. As a Cuban American girl, I grew up my ENTIRE life listening to DAILY stories about what it was like in Cuba and the provinces my maternal and paternal sides grew up in. I know exactly what the daily life was like for my grandparents from the time they were children all the way to grown adults. I know the street names of where they lived and the meals my great grandmother would prepare. 

My grandfather’s family owned the same house from the time he was a baby up until his time of departure from Cuba parting ways with his family, roots, and past. My great grandparents owned a bodegita inside of their home as their family business which came about when my abuelito was just 6 years of age. He would shares with me how the "viajantes" would pass by their home weekly to sell malanga, platanos, arroz, frijoles, yuca, manteca, papas, to my family to sell in their bodegita. Interesting, right? In 1965 my family lost this property during the revolution; however, the house still stands and it is a dream of mine to one day visit this home. 

In the yoga community the typical overly saturated and overdone locations to host a Yoga retreat are always the same: Bali Indonesia, Tulum Mexico, Costa Rica, the deserts of California, Nicaragua, and a few more. But NEVER, ever do you see Cuba as a destination for Yoga retreats in the U.S. Why? Cuba, is such a mystery to us American's as we have not been able to travel to this magical island until recent years. My dream and plans have always been to host Yoga retreats in the Motherland and this dream has finally become a reality.

My wish is to educate you on our Cuba’s beautiful and one of a kind culture, through Yoga! This beautiful and blissful island has so much to offer; from the rich landscapes, to old Havana, to the 100% organic delicious food, to the art and music that surrounds the entire island, the joyful people and beaches, the natural lagoons, and the simple way of life. 

The word Yoga means to "yolk" or "come together" or "union" and "connection". What better way to come together through Yoga than being in one of the most beautiful and exotic places on Earth? 

I can't wait to see you there.

In Gratitude,

Michelle Hernandez